Raybestos RS ’71 Camaro
2014 Build

Muscle cars, a window to simpler times with high octane fuel and plenty of horsepower. Raybestos Brakes teamed up with Schwartz Performance to build the RS ’71 Camaro featuring Raybestos Element 3 brake pads. What do you get when you mix a modern LS power plant, a rigid custom chassis and the stopping power of Raybestos brakes on a 1971 Camaro? You get a machine that is ready to turn heads cruising down main street and leave opponents staring at your taillights on the track.

Raybestos Rattlesnake™
Toyota Tundra
2013 Build

Raybestos Brakes and Chassis have assembled an automotive dream team in the Phoenix desert to build a venomous off-road monster – the Raybestos Rattlesnake™ 2014 Toyota Tundra.  This desert sidewinder is carefully being hand crafted by Addictive Desert Designs, with help from the boys at Joe Gibbs Racing, TRD, Mickey Thompson, Dick Cepek and it’s finished with a custom wrap created by world famous tattoo artist Corey Miller.

Raybestos RR Mustang
2012 Build

Let’s talk some Horsepower!!!! We asked the folks from Roush Performance to give us the most horsepower they could, and boy did they deliver!  We think 658 hp from the flywheel is pretty awesome!  We also had some help from our friends at Tremec and Moser to complete the package.

Raybestos '64 GTO-R
2011 Build

The Raybestos ’64 GTO-R was built by Hot Rod Chassis & Cycle to handle racetrack duty like no other mid-1960s musclecar. While retaining a vintage outwardly appearance, its suspension was entirely re-imagined, nearly 800 pounds of weight eliminated, and was then equipped with a 700 horsepower GM LSX 454 engine, Tremec® T56 6-speed transmission, and Raybestos NASCAR-spec racing brakes. Since its completion, the car has become a star in its own right – having been featured in television programs, magazine feature articles, countless enthusiast websites, and several high-profile car shows.

Raybestos '32 RPU
2010 Build

The Raybestos Roadster Pickup has been called the “ultimate parts hauler & shop truck.” Inspiration for the hot rod’s design is as if it was the Raybestos factory parts truck & show car in 1963, delivering brakes for the Indy roadsters up and down Gasoline Alley – as IndyCars were in fact running Raybestos brake pads at the Indianapolis 500 throughout the 1950s and 1960s. Design cues are pulled from open-wheeled Indy roadsters and Sprint cars of that era.